Tuesday, August 7, 2018


So hey guys? Been quite some time, but am back and with some good stuff right now.
I found a new haven for food lovers like us because that is what I promised earlier on right here ;-)  
Last night I went out just to let loose a little bit at a nearby local, then I bumped into a number of comrades drinking to their favorite drink (jug Daniels), of course. We get merry for so many reasons and while at it I think it wise to really talk to them about my new blog.

Coincidentally, one of the guys at our table works at a restaurant just nearby and he invited me over for lunch! And what’s even better? He asked me to tag a friend along and I cannot say no to food. It is not the way my mother taught me lol.
So the next day I went over for late lunch with my friend from school and I think this is the part where the real story begins,

So we walked over to this place and we found my guy, Wesh, right at the entrance. He was really excited seeing us .We exchanged pleasantries and he walked us into the inner dining room.

Guardian Cafe Ndagani(clip art)

The place is clean. It is also a neat place; it makes you feel like you are at a germs free zone. My friend notices the tidiness in the way the place is arranged. At every table there was a jug of clean and cold water with a tumbler right beside it. They have plate mats on these tables. The colors blend in quite uniformly. It is definitely a pleasant sight.

Skimming through the menu, they have quite a buffet. They offer a wide range of foods from snacks, hot and cold beverages, chicken in its various cooked ways, soups(chicken soup precisely), main dishes(beef plain, beef ugali, chapati, beef matoke, beef githeri, beef rice/pilau, beef with fries too), special dishes, plain dishes and matumbo dishes. And what’s even better? They even serve gizzard plate on order! How amazing is that guys? I f that does not make you feel at home then I don’t know what will.

Guardian cafe Ndagani(clip art)

We order for ugali matumbo and food is served in a whisker. The waiter is quite fast on his feet which is a good thing. We were quite hungry. Angel can second this by the way lol! The price is incredibly affordable. Totally pocket friendly.  We hungrily dive into the food and a few minutes later Angel can’t stop talking about the food, especially the matumbo! The amount of food served really makes the cost totally worth it. After all we need a fill by the end of the day.

After having quite a fill, Angel has to run errands and she leaves. I remain to have a chat with some of my friends. The staff here is hospitable because it’s not every day you walk into a café and chat with the staff. That doesn’t make the place noisy though. Your entertainment is totally catered for here. They have a screen where you can watch for as long as you like.
Does that sound like home to you yet?
Exactly! just what I thought.
The Guardian Café Ndagani is located just opposite Ndagani market in Chuka. At a place you can easily spot, whether you are looking for fast foods or just stopping by for lunch, trust me this is the place to come to.

Thanks guys for coming here. I really appreciate.
Now drop a comment in the comments section below.
 Tell me what you like, what else you would like me to tell you about too!
Keep checking out for new yummy stuff foodies!  Sounds like a plan, right? Or does that sound delicious?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So hello everybody?

I am a great and avid lover of food and I thought it was time to finally use my hobby to help other lovers of food. So don't worry yourself fellow lover of food, for I came in just in time to help you!

 In my blog, I will tell you of all the incredibly awesome restaurants around you. The ones you know of and the ones you don't. You might surprise yourself  by finding out even more about the places you thought you knew.

This puts me in a position whereby I need to give you reviews of the restaurants I will have visited  and those that will have left me with a good taste. These are some of the things I will put into consideration as I give the reviews.

Visiting a restaurant for the first time could either make you want to go back again or not even want to hear its name again. Lets all agree on one thing though, it's not always about the food. This does not mean that the food is not important. It means that we shall look at a restaurant from all the perspectives it has to offer.
Most important is the Customer service offered. A great customer service gives a positive dining experience that leaves the good taste( pun intended). This entails so much that I shall now break down for you. I shall look at the ;
  • Sincerity and communication; Nobody wants to walk into a restaurant where nobody really seems interested in you. We all want to feel like we are walking into a place where you could really want to sit down with a bunch of friends and "chow down". Right? Most people, especially Millennial, demand a real connection with the customer service. They want warm welcomes into the restaurant. They want to feel like they are at home. Everybody wants that.
  •  Menu flexibility; A flexible menu is a good menu. It doesn't mean that a rigid one is a bad one though. This is because restaurants get a lot of different customers. Everybody often has their food preferences, allergies or any other dietary restrictions. We all need a menu that will accommodate our wants and our preferences.
  • Knowledgeable staff members; Sometimes going into a restaurant gives us the opportunity to eat new foods and try out new things. This means that the staff should be knowledgeable in that they give us adequate information about our queries. It could be information about wine pairings, health information on certain foods, details about seasonal menus and so forth
  • Payment options; Dealing with payment could sometimes appear to be tricky. Everybody wants to quickly pay and leave. Hustles during payment from the staff does not paint a really nice portrait of the restaurant. Restaurants should present a faster way of paying for your bills and if there's a software in which people could split bills, present them to the customers too!
Ambience in a restaurant; Going into a restaurant is for some sort of relief. I believe serenity is key in finding a restaurant. A place where you can have your peace of mind.

Apart from the customer service, there are also other factors to help you choose what restaurant you want to visit next!

  • Food quality; Food is the core thing people would look for in a restaurant. People expect perfectly flawless food but hey, if only we lived in a perfect world too?! The quality of food varies in different restaurants. 
  • Dining Experience; Because everybody deserves an incredible experience in a restaurant that will urge you into going back to the same place to feel the same way again, the blog will also look at the different dining experiences offered in each and every restaurant that will feature here.
  • Cleanliness of a restaurant ; Cleanliness is second to Godliness.In as much as it is a saying, cleanliness is a core factor in everything. A clean restaurant would be more presentable than a dirty one. A clean restaurant would make you want to relive the moment over and over.
  • Price factor; As much as we want the best restaurants, it comes with a price tag. This blog will list the prices of the numerous services offered at each restaurant to perfectly suit you !
  • Uniqueness ; As much as we want to give positive feedback always, there is always that one distinctive factor about one restaurant from the others. The blog shall also highlight the unique features of the restaurants too. Whether it be a customer loyalty program or otherwise.
  • Homeyness; This is the experience mostly yearned for, wherever. The blog shall so much concentrate on this factor because it is not always about the less-than-perfect-food. Sometimes all you need is to feel like you are at home. 
Generally, it shall look at the food and the non-food elements.
Walk with me fellas!